Conduct & Discipline

  1. The students admitted to institute will be under the complete disciplinary |control of the administration of the institute & must conduct themselves in accordance with disciplinary rules of the institute as framed & notified by the management / principal from time to time.
  2. Students should be regular and punctual in attending classes. Those who fails to secure 75% of attendance at the end of academic year in each subject (Theory and Practical separately) will not be allowed to appear in the university annual examinations.
  3. Marks awarded in internal assessment for theory will be based on the marks secured by the students in four written tests held by the institute in each academic year. Where as for practical and clinical classes the same will be awarded on day to day work. Those, who fail to get through in internal assessment test, conducted by the institute will not be allowed to appear in the university examination.
  4. Students must come to class / laboratories / hospital with aprons and uniform or prescribe pattern.
  5. Smoking, drinking (alcohol) and use of drugs are strictly prohibited in the premises of institute, hospital and hostels.
  6. Institute identity card must be carried on by the student while attending classes and hospitals.
  7. Ragging of students goes against the discipline of the institute. The students involved, will have to face expulsion from the institute as well as criminal proceedings may also be started against the involved students as per the existing anti-ragging law framed and formulated by the Govt. of India as per the guidelines of Hon’ble Supreme Court of India.
  8. The students found guilty for damage of the properties of institute may lead to instant expulsion from the institute and shall be liable for the recovery of the cost of damaged property along with fine imposed on him / her.
  9. The students are expected to read notices put on the notice boards of the institute, and institute shall not accept any responsibility for loss due to students failure to read the notice in time.
  10. No students shall be allowed to appear for the University examination unless he / she has paid all dues and completed practical and clinical work assigned to them.
  11. The management reserves the right to change any rule and provisions given in this prospectus in the interest of the institute.

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